You only have one body & life, you better take care of it and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE


Welcome! My name is Sarah Chung and I’m a Registered Nurse and Holistic Health Coach.

Together, let’s make a commitment to your health and success.


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As someone who was in your place at one point in my life, I want to share my story and my own personal struggles with weight.

I, for the most part, remember the earliest years of my life been the “fat one.” It wasn’t until after college I realized what my body needed - real, unprocessed foods!

Find out more about me and my story.



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I had the privilege of being helped by Sarah during a particular dark time in my life. I was depressed and lost and did not know how to move forward with attaining my life goals as well as get my life together. Sarah was incredibly encouraging and motivating. She helped me get to the point where I could accept myself and my shortcomings and forgive myself for falling off the wagon and to just keep going the next day. I still practice Sarah’s advice (though not as much as I would like to) and it has really helped me have a well-rounded life and my focus has shifted from just thinking about weight loss and about overall happiness and well-being of mind and body.